I am qualified and happy to work alongside both Physiotherapists and other Professionals to give my clients the best chance to recover with a safe, effective and progressive exercise program. All equipment is supplied including leg weights, hand weights, TheraBand’s and weighted balance poles for progression.

I  have 28 years of teaching experience in the fitness industry including the teaching of health-related exercise for the 50+ since 1993 and am committed to continuing professional development.

Carol Clerkin      01787 277734

My remit

Strength and Balance –  Chair based and Otago exercises performed seated and behind a chair.

Tai Chi for Health  – Programs are performed with slow, continual movements emphasizing weight transference.


All my classes are suitable for Low and Medium Risk Stratification conditions including:-

Controlled High /  Low Blood pressure

Bone / Joint problems / Osteoarthritis / Rheumatoid Arthritis

Controlled Heart Disease  /  Angina

Mild Back Pain

Recovering from Injuries

Recuperating from surgery ie Joint replacement

Controlled Type 1 and Type II Diabetes

Asthma  /  Breathing difficulties



Chronic fatigue  /   ME


The classes are group structured so carers are encouraged to come along and participate if necessary.


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